Blood Alcohol Content Widget



Simple home-screen widget for continuously calculating your blood alcohol content (BAC) using the kind of drinks you've consumed, your weight and your gender. Pressing the widget will open up a menu where you can select from a list of drinks:

* 12/16 oz beer (at 0.6 and 0.8 oz alcohol)
* A glass of Wine (at 0.6 oz alcohol)
* A shot of 80 proof alcohol
* A Cocktail (roughly 2.5 shots of 80 proof alcohol)
* A Custom drink title/alcohol content (Note, when you save these preferences, make sure you enter the amount of alcohol in ounces, not a percentage)

There's a preference panel for setting your weight and gender.

DISCLAIMER: This widget is for fun. DO NOT USE IT TO DETERMINE YOUR LEGAL BAC. Do not use it to determine whether it is safe to operate a motor vehicle. Always drink responsibly.

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