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Brewer’s Friend - beer brewing resources for the home brewer of any level. Most complete and accurate brewing tools available online.

Fellow home brewers, please enjoy our free mobile app which contains 15 stand alone brewing calculators, a summary of our blog, and links to our cloud based brewing solution. Now you can keep Brewer’s Friend on your home screen and quickly get to the brewing tools you love!

Note: this free app does not contain a full beer recipe designer. However, the cloud tab contains a link to our online recipe designer, which is designed to work on mobile phones and tablets.

The Brewer’s Friend free mobile app contains the following brewing calculators:

ABV Calculator - Alcohol
IBU Calculator - Bitterness
SRM Calculator - Color
All Grain OG/FG
Brewhouse Efficiency
Mash Calculator
Quick Infusion Calculator
Extract OG/FG
Dilution and Boil Off
Hydrometer Temperature
Bottling Calculator
Priming Sugar Calculator
Keg PSI Calculator
Wine Brix and SG Calculator
Wine Chaptalization Calculator

Full support for metric units!

The app connects to the internet only to refresh the blog tab content from our RSS feed. When you click a blog post or cloud link you are taken to the Brewer’s Friend website.

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