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I'm busy! (BusyNow4Me, SMS auto-reply), Okara Lucknow breech

# I'm busy! "Galaxy Nexus" Google's default apps have been tested, due to a too fast response may be sent two SMS SMS sending delay time from Samsung "Galaxy Note" If you specify 0 seconds, 1 second, set. ^;

# I'm busy! If you think that's okay saw, using the App acquaintances who use the recommend button to recommend please

Have a happy day today with this app. Thanks a lot.

# To cancel the scheduled time, the scheduled time (24 hours) and remove the check, press the OK button. ^ ^

1. I'm busy! (BusyNow4Me) released
2. Auto answer ON, if your existing ringtones, you can temporarily change the silence. (Ringtone when the phone receives a ringtone of the original return to the state.)
3. Hang up the phone automatically after auto-response SMS message sent.
4. Auto answer ON if you preview your completed by the recipient to the sender can send SMS messages.
5. Auto answer ON, the notification bar, I'm busy! Icon can be set to show.
6. Send SMS messages can select and modify.
7. Smartphone (010, 011, 016, 017, 018, 019), except for a regular phone-only] from the incoming call and can respond automatically.
8. Caller ID auto-response SMS sent to their phones that are registered in the phone book can be
9. SMS messages sent delay time can be set (0, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60) (in seconds).
10. Call or hang up within the SMS message is sent delay time does not send SMS message.
11. Button to send SMS messages and send SMS messages stored in the SMS database app itself, are supported.
12. The scheduled time for the auto-response
During the automatic response time of booking if you specify the time specified can be the automatic response. Set at the time of booking, is currently set to a time earlier than the time set for tomorrow.
13. Automatic response, and send custom message, missed calls and status bar will display the name of the sender.
14. Speech Recognition feature
3G/4G or WIFI ◆ To use the voice recognition should be linked.
Used in speech recognition ◆ If you want to check (after the completion of the work the phone when receiving a call, there is always silence the phone beeps as the original return.)
1) when receiving a call \ "I'm busy \ automatic response to send the SMS message to the caller say" or \ "busy \", \ "busy now \" specified hangs up.
Say 2) when receiving a call \ "\" pick up the phone or \ "answer \", \ "answer now \" to receive a phone call.
Used in speech recognition ◆ If you do not check the
1) without speech recognition and response in accordance with the content set.

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