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- As soon as downloaded, shows the real number of SMS that is sent with a fake caller ID. Will notify you of those SMS by pop-up screens and alarms. Such manipulated numbers will be blocked and filtered as SMS Spam.
- You are able to delete, forward, reply, filter SMS Spam and update Facebook in SMS inbox of the application.

- Filter SMS Spam by its real numbers! After registering a number as Spam, blocks your device’ SMS inbox from Spam messages. In [Settings >> Managing Spam SMS], you may check the Spam SMS and delete it if you want to.

- Register the numbers that does not need filtration of and control the pop-up screen.
- SMS that is sent with exceptional numbers can only be saved in SMS inbox in your device.

-Email: appstore@broadcon.co.kr
-Homepage: www.broadcon.net
-Twitter: @broadcon
-Facebook: www.facebook.com/broadconhc

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