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This app will give the 1000 ways to make your hairs style look better best.. :)

you will get to know the best and easy ways to make your hairs more stylish. This application is based on Casual hairstyle methods, for other check out other apps :)

few of the videos which are listed in are:

♯ Kristen Stewart's Braid in Snow White and The Huntsman
♯ How to do a Waterfall braid + How to Finish it
♯ Evil Queen's Braids from Snow White and the Huntsman
♯ How to do and style a Dutch Braided headband
♯ Romantic and Formal Side Ponytail
♯ Vintage Bohemian Updo the Quick and Easy Way!
♯ Pretty Little Liars - Hannah's Homecoming Updo
♯ Simple, but Showy Bohemian Updo
♯ In a Pinch Braided Updo - Cute Hair for Lazy Days!
♯ 5 Ways to Wear Your Hair Down and Look Fabulous!
♯ The Braid Encyclopedia - French, Dutch, Fish, Rope, 4 strand, and 5 strand
♯ Mermaid Braid
♯ French Fishtail Braided Intricately Woven Updo
♯ Starburst Explosion Updo
♯ Braided Tips Sock Bun (The Vow)
♯ Treasure Map / Zig Zag Braid
♯ Cobra Stitch Side Ponytail
♯ Braided Seashell Side Bun
♯ Spiral Staircase Braided Bun
♯ TaeTiSeo (Twinkle) - 3 Looks in 1 (Glam, Cute, Elegant)
♯ Bow & Ponytail Fusion Updo - 1 Elastic, 0 Pins
♯ Everyday Fancy Loop Ponytail Hairstyle for Medium Long Hair Tutorial
♯ Easy Holiday Curly Half-Updo Hairstyle for Medium Long Hair Tutorial
♯ Beautiful Bridal Half Updo Hairstyle for Short Medium Long Hair Tutorial Weddings Prom
♯ Romantic Prom Updo Hairstyle for Long Medium Hair Tutorial
♯ Cute Summer Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle
♯ Twisted Waterfall Hairstyle
♯ Easy Back-to-School Hairstyles for Long Medium Hair Tutorial
♯ Fancy Rope Braid Half-Updo Hairstyle for Medium Long Hair Tutorial
♯ Dutch Multi-Braid Hairstyle for Medium Long Hair Tutorial
♯ Straightener Waves - Casual Mermaid & Korean Mool Gyul
♯ 10 School HairStyles in 10 minutes
♯ Some Simple Cute Hairstyle Ideas
♯ Back to School: Double Braided Side Bun Hair Tutorial
♯ Carousel Braid "Hairstyles For Girls"
♯ Jasmine Hairstyle, Disney Princess Inspired
♯ Basket Weave Hairstyle
♯ Heart Ponytail Hairstyle
♯ Waterfall French Braid, Triple Non French Braided Hairstyle
♯ Crocheted Ribbon Braided Hairstyle
♯ Side Swept French Fish Braid Hairstyle
♯ Waterfall Fishtail Braid, Cute Hairstyles
♯ Quadruple-Flipped Ponytail | Easy Hairstyles | Cute Girls Hairstyles
♯ French Twist into Rope Braid | Back-to-School | Cute Girls Hairstyles
♯ The Braid Girls: Real Katniss Braid
♯ Creative Hairstyles: French Braid Bun
♯ .Creative Hairstyles: Braided Scarf Updo
♯ Belle Hairstyle
♯ Cinderella Hairstyle
♯ Recogido con bucles-pedido Virginia

** all videos are taken from

site, if you have any copy rights issues then

contact developer ) and some videos may not work

due to country restrictions

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