chaos Talking Clock



alarm time and every hour, you know time by the sound that you recorded.
But how to teach time is strange!!

It is widget application.
The application as the communication tool by recording a sound with a microphone from an acquaintance.
The substitution of the audio file by the PC connection is possible.(SDcard)

After installation, You add Widget.
A setting window is shown Widget when I touch it
At First, Please begin with the recording of the sound.
When I record sounds more than two, hour, minute, AM/PM,
oClock, shout, A person chosen in random each talks.

The play volume depends on the media volume of the terminal.
Does my English match? ;)

I place an audio file in "cTClock" folder of the SD card.(3gp)

Do you make application pretty? or feel sick? It is up to recording.

I can speak a very very very ・・・ little English, sorry sorry very sorry ;)

Version 1.50
alarm duration => MAX 1 minute
addition button of stop the alarm.

Version 1.40
function addition of the setting of the notice every hour.
Bug fix.

Version 1.30
Repetition function addition.

FREE Version.

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