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    If you take the time to browse today's media in one of its many forms, you'll probably notice a slight pattern in the topics that are addressed on a day-to-day basis ' there are almost always headlines about helping the environment, as well as headlines about keeping oneself healthy. Surely both of these issues are extremely important ' but did you know that they are actually interrelated? For example, something like organic coffee is both a consumer-friendly alternative for the environment' while also being a better selection for your own health.

    Organic coffee is typically considered to be a 'shade-grown' product, which means that it is cultivated under a tree canopy that filters the sunlight. These coffee plants are extremely good for the environment and animal health ' particularly birds ' because the trees provide a safe habitat for migratory birds and other forms of wildlife. On a conventional coffee farm, typically only around 20 species of birds can be sighted, whereas some countries with shade-grown plants can house up to 150 different species ' all which work as natural pesticide control for the coffee plants!

    How does this relate to your health? Organic, shade-grown coffee fields can be used repeatedly ' since there is no clear cutting or topsoil erosion ' which means that the CO2 produced by all those trees is still contributing to the earth, providing pure, clean air. Since there's no topsoil erosion, it means that the trees are also conserving water, a precious resource in today's world.