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    Chef Vivant is a paid content App. Therefore, if you are looking for 1,000’s of “free” untested, unverified, individual recipes from someone you do not even know, then Chef Vivant is not for you! On the other hand, it is well known that quality recipes from published cookbooks, expert chefs or test kitchens take time and effort to develop. That’s why publishers create and consumers buy cookbooks containing valuable collections of recipes from industry verified sources. Chef Vivant aggregates this same valuable recipe content from a broad spectrum published cookbooks, magazines, and industry experts. At Chef Vivant we ONLY believe in sourcing verified, tested eCookbooks and eRecipes from the best sources. As such, if you are interested in purchasing and then creating a personal library of valuable eCookbooks and eRecipes from a broad spectrum of verified sources, please take a look at Chef Vivant. Chef Vivant affords instant access to an exclusive and proven, premium catalog of customizable, interactive eCookbooks, uniquely integrated with essential one-step cooking, meal planning and shopping tools, to browse, purchase and download into your own “Personal Mobile eCookbook Library”. Chef Vivant’s patent-pending, customizable eCookbooks also provide a revolutionary level of utility and value to the at-home cooking experience, not available in traditional eCookbooks.

    Chef Vivant is the only App that offers consumers customizable, interactive, premium eCookbooks from leading industry publishers and experts from around the world or right in your neighborhood, including cookbook publishers, wineries, magazines, as well as celebrity and executive chefs, etc. With Chef Vivant unique eCookbook architecture, no longer do consumers have to purchase a complete cookbook from their local retail store or a complete eCookbook online to enjoy its premium recipe content. Chef Vivant’s next generation, customizable eCookbooks provide consumers with the ability to purchase only those recipes they are interested in, whether it is an individual eRecipe, eRecipe Pack, or complete eCookbook. With Chef Vivant’s easy-to-use, “iTunes-style” interface, consumers simply browse through the interactive, premium cookbook catalog, complete with cover art and vibrant recipe photographs. Once the appropriate cooking content is selected, consumers can purchase with one click and it is automatically downloaded to their Personal Mobile Cookbook Library. Also, with Chef Vivant, you are also assured access to an ever growing catalog of exclusive and proven, premium eCookbooks and eRecipes not available in the market today!

    Each of Chef Vivant’s customizable and interactive premium eCookbooks provide integrated tools to enhance your at-home cooking experience. So, whether you are cooking for yourself or throwing a dinner party, Chef Vivant’s interactive, premium recipes automatically scale the recipe ingredient amounts according to your serving requirements.
    In addition, you can easily search for new a recipe, create a custom menu and generate a shopping list, all of which facilitate your at-home cooking experience.

    So get cooking today with Chef Vivant Lite mobile app and receive TWENTY premium GRATIS RECIPES from leading publishers, a $20 value!

    Upgrade to Chef Vivant and Receive 80 additional premium recipes!

    Chef Vivant Lite can be upgraded to Chef Vivant our full featured premium App to include the following features:
    • Browse, compare, organize and save recipes to your “Favorites Folder”.
    • Create grocery shopping lists and send them to your cell phone.
    • Shop with ease and efficiency using in-store ingredient categorizations.
    • Eliminate all “full-page” in-App advertising.
    • Receive an additional EIGHTY premium GRATIS RECIPES from Chef Vivant.

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