Choose 4 Me!



Choose 4 Me! make choices for you!

This is a simple and innovative application that helps you choose, at random, a result of a series of possible options.

The working is simple and innovative:

• Enter all of the choices you want (at least 2)
• Press "Choose" or shake the phone
• The app will make a random choice among the options


With friends you can't decide a place to go for the evening? Here's the solution: each friend proposes a place and "Choose 4 Me!" will make the right choice for the place!

Do you want to know the right girl between a number of suitors? Add names of all the girls you like and the app will suggest the right person for you!

Are you undecided about where to go on vacation? Enter the city you have in mind and "Choose 4 Me!" will tell you what city to go!

Are you in crisis on the choice of name for their new puppy arrived? Never fear: "Choose 4 Me!" can give you the right idea!

Good fun and good choices by MiNi Group!

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