Christmas FingerScanner Lock



Christmas Fingercanner Lock has a modern design and approach of finger print lock on christmas occassion which id best and cool, it’s free!

Happy christmas to all....

Your friends will be amazed, because the app read their fingerprints like a real fingerprint reader.

set the no of scan count and scan your finger till that count ....lock screen will be unlocked

new feature is that user can set cool background of their choice and also choose thumb scanner image according to background image..

user can share app to thier friends and relatives..

It works great and its feature are inhanced...

now user can get details and access their messages and missed calls from lock screen..

Date and time is also given on lock screen..

Help buttton is given to get the no of scan to unlock..

Nicole,"fabulous app with glimpse of future ..great feel of amaging".

give your feedback please....

This app is add supported..

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