The CodiScan Mobile App is the easiest way to grab instant points, rewards and discounts all around town. Grab points just for visiting your favorite stores, share them across Facebook and gather enough points to grab free products, food and more every minute of every day.

    • Grab reward points for visiting your favorite stores. Collecting Rewards points is as easy as walking into your favorite store and using the “Grab Points” function within the App.

    • Redeem points you earned in exchange for discounts on goods and services at participating stores. Use the “Grab Offers” function within the app to bring up a menu listing of the many offers available near you.

    • Grabbing offers will generate specialty UPC codes on your smartphone’s screen. Open it and present these to a store employee [at the checkout counter] to apply the special offer or discount your transaction. A quick scan from the register automatically debits customer points and disappears.

    • CodiScan also comes with a proprietary scanner which you can use for any QR Code. You can scan any QR code you can find to receive instant discounts, rewards, and receive additional loyalty points. Just look for any QR Code that reads "Powered by CodiScan" on the bottom or NFC codes also created and powered by CodiScan.

    • Scanner Libraries do not support Android 4.2.2 JellyBean OS, coming releases to the App will have the ability for the scanner to support this OS.

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