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You make friends everyday and loss some contact with the time passing. Too many people staying and go in your contact book and you have to manage them every day and make many steps to input or delete. If you ant to send one message to many people, usually you should choose the contact one by one. If you enter a button ungracefully, you have to make some steps to exit. All things we mention above become troubles. Contact Book Pro app can do these with one step. And you can not only manage the contact on your mobile phone but also on your SIM card. You can select all and delete All your selected. And you can Invert selection to delete the people you do not need... Let view the powerful connections below, it will not failed you!

Special features:
-It is a free application for all android users!
-Showing all contacts on your mobile.
-Can see the contact saved on your SIM card.
-Select all and send them message one time.
-Unselected the people you selected. (this step suit the condition when you want to select most people unless several ones)
-Delete selected people.
-Press the contact people and you can call it directly or send him/her message.
-Press to delete it.
-If you press it without any purpose, please choose cancel button to cancel the step.
-Exit the app directly.

Using methods:
First, opening the app, you can see the contact on your phone and SIM card.
Second, press one of the contact, will appear four buttons: Call, SMS, Delete and Cancel. Choose the one you need.
Third, press the shortcuts of your mobile will appear four choices: select all, unselected, delete select and exit.
At last, if you select all and then press the contact, you can send mass SMS to them or delete all.

If you download this free application, you can contact others with easy step. And Manage the contact as you like (like delete all, unselected, call or send message). The thing you need is your fingers and the shortcut button on your mobile! What a good app it is! What are you waiting?

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