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♪ Introduction of the application ♪
I look and come by a search and, according to food, can easily make cooking!
14 kinds of food searches are possible free application from a recipe.
Cooking can easily make simple & and
It is convenient even if I take it to be made more delicious.
When I want to cook
The application that can examine a recipe quickly.
Because I get a support function
I comment on [spoon addition and subtraction] not to understand in a dish [how to cut] clearly.
"The dish slightly weak point", "more easily dish "
A person from or as for "the dish which I have not made so far!"
Housewife (a housekeeping husband!) who thinks how whether you can easily cook if you watch a recipe の various places
You should have had you spend the time that you easily cooked a dish while watching a recipe, and was significantly.
Even when the person who did not like a dish watches a recipe, easily cook a dish
I say "joy to make a dish", one's cooking that I made, "I am delicious" and
I am glad if I have you feel joy to have you eat.
I am going to add a recipe by future update.
Don't miss it!

♪ Support function ♪
A support function is a function for dish beginner (I have not done cooking very much) people
The example that it is easy for a gram and amount to be vague for the person whom it is awkward for a little
It is the function that cooking can make with a commentary happily clearly.

♪ The checkmark function that a purchase becomes comfortable ♪
I make a shopping checkmark with a one tap from a recipe indication screen
A thing is going for shopping without the food of the recipe possibility immediately
I can buy few food without being at a loss.

♪ Recipe search topic ♪
[rice thing]
[dish cooked at the table]
[bowl thing]
[food boiled and seasoned]
[pasta, noodles]
[soup, soup]
[Chinese food]
[or other]

♪ It is ... for you who are at a loss with a brief recipe search - menu ♪
I can turn a noisy cricket with a recommended button.
When turn a noisy cricket; a recipe in the application
I display it. I can fly in a recipe from indication.

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