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Ever have an uncontrollable craving for your favorite Craig O's dish but don't have time to eat at the restaurant? Or maybe you're running errands around town and need a quick pizza fix but don't know where to find the nearest Craig O's. Don't despair, with the Craig O's Mobile app, ordering a large combo pizza with extra pepperoni and no onions is as simple as touch and order. No wandering the streets and no sitting in front of a computer required. Just launch the app and place your order at the nearest Craig O's.


-Easily order food right from your phone. No computer needed...and no waiting in line.

-Locate the nearest Craig O's, there are even driving directions to get you there.

-See the full menu of options so you can put your pizza plan in motion while you're on the go.

-Keep up with the latest Craig O's news and goings on with the Social Media module, where you can see our recent Facebook Wall and Twitter posts!

-Want to tell us how much you love us (or if we could do something better), forget Yelp, channel your message directly to us using our Comments module.

-Get the latest updates and news about Craig O's and the Craig O's Mobile app in our Message Center module.

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