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    Making Candles from Extra Crayons

    We say God and the imagination are one... How high that highest candle lights the dark.

    Making candles by using crayons is an art.Before you start look for spots and other colors on crayons.We can use children crayons, people always throw crayons but there are few people who use waste crayons to make crayon candles, they first need to melt and use to create colourful and unique crayon candles.There are few things to make crayons candle like cover the work area with paper towels to make cleaning up easier. keep all the colour crayons according to their shape, size and color. always choose wax that drip and if possible buy special wax and are being used for drip candles. You can also use wine bottle it's a way to decorate. to make a colourful crayon candle mix all the colors.

    IN THIS APP YOU WILL GET INFORMATION ON Making Candles from Extra Crayons

    **What are crayon candles?

    **How to make crayon candles

    **What are the techniques required to make crayon candles?

    **Things required to make crayon candles.

    **What candles

    **Why we make candles

    **What are the advantages of lighting up the candle

    **How to make candles

    **What is the candle power

    **What different kinds of candle are there

    **What is candle run

    **What is candle app

    **What is candle flame

    **What is candle box

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