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I think that setting up a large target of the life and challenging are a very important things for being design in the future. In addition, I think that I become a big result accumulation during a day of a day and can achieve a large target.
For instance, We train independently for one year for one hour every day to win the championship in a certain game. We do up to 100,000 times doing pushup 100 times every day to apply arm muscles. Answer the examination paper of ten questions every day for the university examination passing.・・・It is very important for the decision of hard numbers and the approach to achieve a large target. Then, this "Daimokuhyo" application program is
1. The motivation happens very much because the interface is simple and the contract of the adventure style.
2. The self management of the target can be done by the figure by filling in hard numbers.
3. The decision is prompted by making a large target a visual character and it clarifies.
4. "Chinese character - calligraphy" is starting a boom also in Europe and America now. The stage of completion to accomplishment of a goal can visually be actually felt.
5. Seemingly antique "Chinese character painting out" becomes image training.
6. A multi-stage's setup in speed of Daimoku is possible.The tool which calculates the number of Daimoku automatically from a timer was incorporated.
It is possible to peel off and I will surely guide you to large accomplishment of a goal but happily but too not formal. SGI member becomes "Chant table" according to the title of "Daimokuhyo".

<Operating manual and the main feature>

・ You input five items on the information screen. And, it "Entry" button touches.
・ As for the input value, it is preserved in the cookie with the entry button, and the superscription is preserved every time it changes. The "Entry" button came to be replaced to a "Reading" button.
・ When you do "Reading" button in the touch The challenge period (The set daily allowance day is added) is calculated automatically by the start date and the goal date.
・ The accomplishment rate is an automatic ticketing (It rounds off below the decimal point) from a target value and a present value.
・ "Display" button when touching It becomes "Character selection" screen. The movie of "Chinese character painting out" starts when favorite "Chinese character" is selected.
・When you input a daily title using a calendar tool, the "Calendar" button taps it. You cannot use it together with the present value input in the setting window. Calendar tool input is given priority to.
・ When "Progress" button touches The display of present stage of completion stop is done by "Chinese character painting out".
・ It will become a timer tool if a "Timer" button is touched. Since it is specializing in the "Chant table", it is the best for the count of the daily number of titles.

Tags: スマホ アプリ 唱題, アプリ daimokuhyo3.

Recently changed in this version

The "Myoho" was added to the selection character.
(Cautions) Since former data disappears, please be sure to update by update, after backupping.

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