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The DogHouse is the number #1 App when it comes to dogs. DogHouse provides activities which are enjoyable, instructional and highly entertaining for you and your canine friend. There are many interactive areas for you to explore and also many informational guides that may be extremely vital to your dog’s wellbeing. To put it simply, dogs and puppies will rejoice in their encounter with the DogHouse and most importantly so will you! From dog teasers to breed information, from newborn puppy galleries to even dog IQ tests…we have it all! Your dog will appreciate each aspects of this App that has been solely dedicated to dogs!

*Ultimate Dog Teaser
Choose from a dozen different sounds that are bound to make your dog bark madness! Anything from vacuum cleaners to toys and even cats can be found in here for you and your dog's entertainment.

*Bone Search
Hide the bone from your dog. When you have found a place to hide his favourite bone, press the timer and then let him search for it as it gives audio clues to it whereabouts. Good luck little buddy! Warning: Do not let him eat the bone...

*Doggie Tricks
Teach your dog all the best tricks from simple tricks such as sit and stay to more advanced tricks such as play dead. A well detailed instructional guide on how to successfully master each and every trick for your pet.

An encyclopaedia of all the most well-known dog breeds from around the world. The list provides detailed information on each breed along with an accompanying image of each dog and key facts on the breed's likes and dislikes.

TreatBox contains a lengthy list of treats that dog owners love to treat their pets with. Feel free to share your favourite treats to be added in future updates. Always remember to treat your dog's good deeds!

*Danger Foods
This is a comprehensive list of all the foods that may be harmful or fatal to your dog. The list provides a rating of the food's toxicity to your pet. It is important to know which foods should be avoided for your dog's wellbeing.

*Dog MindReader
A fun and entertaining mindreader app that pretends to translate your pet's current thoughts. Aim the app at your dog and listen to what he's really thinking with that blank look. Strictly for entertainment purposes only.

Find a fun and exciting activity to do with your little buddy. It includes ideas for both outdoor and indoor activities for you and your pet to enjoy. Great for bonding with your pet. Be warned though, doing so make your dog love you.

*Medical Center
The Medical Center provides all the vital information needed for anything medical or veterinary related issue with your pet. The section covers vaccinations, diseases and all types of symptoms affecting your dog.

*Puppy Gallery
Come and see all the most popular breeds as puppies inside this gallery. If you are interested in purchasing a new dog this might be the best place to being your search. Here you will find all the cutest dogs!

*Dog Age Calculator
The Dog Age Calculator is a handy tool to determine the current age of your dog. Ofcourse each dog ages differently, however this handy tool gives you a rough idea on how your dog compares your age in doggie years!

*Dog IQ
A simple questionnaire will determine how your dog compares to other dogs in a battle of the brains. Although some breeds are generally smarter than others, you never know, your little friend may be a genius in the making.

*Move to SD Supported

DogHouse will give you and your doggy a chance to Play, Learn, Grow! After all, you are all they have in their life, make sure they get the attention they deserve.

Download DogHouse: Deluxe Edition also available on the Android Market which includes many more features including added content, added features, animations and frequent updates! Purchase the DogHouse: Deluxe Edition now to save!


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