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Dominate Zhengxin She - affair , grasping rape , marital affection , tracing , detection rate of 100% ! !

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Founded in 1984 ( 1984 ) on July 20 , in response to community demand , a collection of all walks of Specialization talent, brainstorm , solve and prevent individual companies arising from the crisis , after 10 several years engrossed operating , regardless of professional training , case compliance rate , rich human resources work experience set more than a decade to become the industry model.

Emphasis on " professional division of labor , teamwork " in the spirit of cooperation , according to business needs and expertise of our personnel collect evidence compiled group having an affair , the international trade group , investment group , the insurance group collar fraud , banking and financial group , patent counterfeiting group , special difficult groups, etc. : by case nature of the group by the expertise of the contractor, play a multiplier effect : in case of major complex cases , involving an array of professional fields , then according to their functional needs of the project team composition , their team spirit in order to group full accomplish this task .

To deal with cases known to rigorous , our colleagues Yoff spirit of research , the weekly research seminars , our consultants and professionals all participants will be in addition to the individual case reports of various social movements , but also occurring on the current exchange views on any major difficult problems , my colleagues in the case of the contractor in case of difficulties , are also entitled to be raised in discussions . Any difficult problems , after this repeated discussions , can be solved, which dominate the credit 】 【 one major feature.

With customers trust and your support , so that we can continue to improve service quality, as you are looking for help in the protection of credit " precautionary , and afterwards to solve " problems on your career , you are isolated by our culture .

[ Credit ] dominate the spirit and concept of sustainability will be a symbol of justice in society , will take you into the 21st century 's new business direction , has a broader business philosophy .
Ministry of grasping rape project
Affair Investigation Department
Premarital Credit Department
Marriage Ministry feelings
Ministry of Commerce Credit
Tracing Project Department
Accounts Receivable Department

Unified credit districts nationwide toll-free advice line 24 hours :
Taipei 0800 -026-000
Taichung 0800 -027-000
Chiayi 0800 -073-777
Tainan 0800 -068-855
Kaohsiung 0800 -430-888
Taoyuan :0800 -887-333
Hsinchu :0800 -811-555
Pingtung 0800 -870-777
Continental 0800 -601-111

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