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One touch to transform your smart phone into a mirror! Never need to carry a small mirror with you any more! It is said that, "appearance presents a person's characters", we can know the importance of appearance. "Easy Mirror App (Make up, hair style)" is an app that can transform your phone into a small mirror. When dating with friends,you won't need to leave for rest room but conveniently check your makeup. And it will reduce the burden on your bag!

For the men who are not used to take a mirror, "Easy Mirror App (Make up, hair style)" is absolutely necessary. Have you ever worried about appearance like is my tie ok, is my hair a mess, what about my nose hair when attending important negotiations or release conferences. Now you no longer need to go back and forth to the restroom for checking, "Easy Mirror App (Make up, hair style)" can definitely help you avoid the above predicament.

■ How to Use
Just touch the app icon. Start smart phones in-camera function (front camera), you face will be showed on the screen like in a mirror. Even in the darker room, light can be applied easily!

■ Attention!
Phones without in-camera function (there must be a front camera) can not run this app. In addition, the corresponding OS version must be Android 2.3 or above. Sorry for the inconvenience caused if your phone is not suitable.

■ Support
Much as we'd like to it's almost impossible to build an app that supports all android phones. But with your help, we'll try. Please help us make this app better by sending bug reports to "simplemirror.appliclub@gmail.com". We might ask you additional question for your help. Don't forget to include your phone model and your Android OS. Thank you so much!

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