Easy Weight Loss Resolution

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    Weight loss is one of the most popular topics for so many people and this has only increased in recent times. This is because of the awareness that has stemmed from the medical research and the media concerning the dangers of being obese. Obesity is a medical term that is used to refer to a condition where the body accumulates so much fat that it becomes a health risk.

    Obesity is essentially measured in what is called Body Mass Index or BMI. BMI was invented as a way to measure one’s weight in relation to their heaight and has since been utilized as the standard for measuring whether one is obese or not. BMI does not actually measure the amount of body fat in someone but is nevertheless accepted as the ideal and most accurate way to measure obesity.

    In the United States, ober 40% of the general population has a BMI that indicates obesity. This has translated into health issues formany people and there are over 400,000 deaths each year in the United States due to obesity. The economy also loses billlions of dollars each year due to lost productivity which stems from medical visits that can be directly attributed to being overweight.

    Inside you will find these chapters:
    -Did you get the body you wanted
    -Fat burning exercises
    -Fat busting exercises
    -Gained excess weight during past Christmas
    -How not to fail in new year's weight loss resolutions
    -How to get that splendid body you've always wanted
    -How to get the smoking body you wanted
    -How to lose weight
    -How to lose your belly fat
    -How to lose your butt
    -How to stick to your weight loss resolution
    -How to succeed in your new year’s weight loss resolutions
    -Year for losing weight
    -New year’s resolution for 2011-weight loss
    -Why people can't stick to weight loss resolutions
    -Causes of obesity
    -Exercises for weight loss
    -How dieting can affect weight loss
    -How to lose belly fat
    -How to lose inches from your body
    -Is exercise the best way to lose weight
    -Losing weight without starving yourself
    -Reducing excess weight
    -Steps to lose belly fat
    -Tips on losing weight
    Good luck with your lose weight goal.

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