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Healthy Weight Loss. Eat, Sleep & Be Thin with Hypnosis.

Imagine being satisfied with just the right amount of healthy foods you choose to enjoy leading to better health, higher energy, self-esteem and confidence. Let go of what you no longer need. Focus on what you gain, not on what you want to lose. In this 30 minute session learn a life-long tool of self-hypnosis as Shirley guides this natural process to connect you to your healthy relationship with food. Decide now to increase your focus and motivation for success, eating food that nourishes and fuels your healthy body, improves sleep, while releasing stress and anxiety.

Weigh less: First you see it, then you do it.
Visualize your healthy body with Hypnosis.

Enjoy eating again. Enjoy Visualization (Imagery), Neuro-linguistic Programming (your inner voice) & Hypnotherapy to support you as you believe, achieve & maintain your healthy weight. Shirley Vinock, (speaker, author, instructor, and radio host) guides you using Master Hypnotherapy, Imagery and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to access your inner voice and drive to enjoy a healthy sense of self-confidence and self-esteem, while releasing stress. Enjoy your good health with this natural, easy process. Once you know what you want to gain, learn to listen to your inner voice and beliefs. As you gain awareness of your automatic responses and habits, you can make the changes you need easily.

End that tug of war going on in your mind, the one part that says you should lose weight to improve your healthâ that you do not need to eat that box of chocolates and the other part that seems so determined to sabotage your best efforts (those automatic unwanted habits that live in your subconscious). Go directly to the subconscious with Hypnosis and Imagery to see and modify that unwanted habit, to make the change you need. Hypnotherapists are certified, not licensed by the State of California as healing arts practitioners. Medical or psychological referral may be advisable.

Visit for extensive credentials, to schedule group or private sessions, order books and other offerings. Call for your complimentary consultation today (818) 347-4472. Why wait?

Lose Weight Naturally with Hypnosis, Imagery & NLP.

Are you ready to:
Connect with your natural ability to enjoy beautiful food choices in sensible portions?
Create your healthy body for today and the future?
Increase motivation?
Wouldn't it be great to harness these beautiful associations in lovely, relaxing sessions to enjoy your healthy body now?

Imagine that!

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