eChoghadiya takes your current location and time zone to generate the choghadiya of your location on selected date. eChoghadia calculates the day choghadia hours by dividing time from sunrise to sunset at the users location into 8 equal parts to come to an accurate calculation of the Choghadias

    eChoghadiya uses GPS services. You need to enable GPS on your device and might have to restart your phone if you are enabling GPS first time.

    Choghadiya (or Muhurat)
    Choghadiya is a part of Hindu calendar 'Panchang' which determines the auspicious, inauspicious and moderately favourable time of any particular day.

    There are seven types of choghadiya's. Each day is divided into two time periods:
    Day-time - the period from sunrise to sunset.
    Night-time - the period from sunset to next day sunrise.

    Each period contains eight Choghadiya's.
    Amrit, Shubh and Laabh are favourable Choghadiyas.
    Chal is an intermediate Choghadiya.
    Udveg, Rog and Kaal are unfavourable Choghadiyas.

    As per the Vedic Astrology, All important works should be commenced during a favourable Choghadiya.

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