Edible Vegetation



Edible Vegetation is a SD card friendly wilderness survival app designed for the outdoor enthusiast who might find him or herself in a survival situation. Edible Vegetation is completely based off the edible plant section of the US Army survival guide. This app is designed for people who already have formal training in identifying edible plants and is not meant for novices.

1. An app that is downloaded onto your phone that doesn't require 3G or wifi to access.
2. A guide to easily identifiable plants separated by the continents they are found in.
3. A picture image of each plant as well as identifiable characteristics.
4. Descriptions on how to prepare each plant for eating as well as any cautions associated to that plant.
5. Generals rules for plant safety.
6. A step by step guide to test plants for edibility
7. Diagrams on plant basics to help positively identify wild edibles.

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