Enerfy – Connect With Your Car
Enerfy gives you access to many useful connected car services, including, a driver's log, Eco Driving Coach, fault code reading, driving statistics and much more. Enerfy makes driving a better experience and ownership less expensive.

With Enerfy, you have complete control over your driving and your vehicle fleet. Skip surprises at audits with a driver's log that meets all tax requirements. With the Enerfy Plug-In, you gain access to services in the Enerfy App that among other things include:
- Driver's Log approved with the Tax Office to make your everyday easier
- Driving Coach that teaches you to drive better
- "Find My Car" function that will help you if you can't remember where you parked your car
- Get access to Enerfy's Webb portal that can help you manage your fleet
- See your cars in real-time
- Every trip is measured and you get a detailed report with driving statistics
- Fault code reading that helps you identify motor fault-codes
Connect easily with Enerfy: Create an account, click in Enerfy's Plug-In, Drive! 

For customers based in Sweden: Enerfy offers a pay-as-you-drive car insurance where you only pay for what you drive. Additionally, if you drive well, you get rewarded with an Eco-Safe discount on your premium.

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