Energy Caution




    When you have a emergency, you need to make a call, but unfortunately, the battery of your mobile phone dies, you can’t make a call. How terrible it is. If you are indicated a little earlier, you can charge the battery, so this bad case will not happen. But the common mobile
    phone only can alert you when the energy of battery is using up. How can you
    get caution earlier before the energy is thoroughly using up?
    Energy Caution can make it. In fact, Energy
    Caution is a battery indicator app which can be used on android mobile phone. This
    app is very practical without other complex function. So it is rather convenient.
    Enough with the chatter, let’s talk about it in detail.
    1. You need to start the service
    manually. Let the service run. When the service is running, you can find that
    there is a battery icon in the above on the screen, and a number in it; the
    number is the left electric quantity.
    2. Now let us talk about the alerts.
    You can set the time of alerts. When the battery is full, you can set a alert
    or not. The more important is the low battery alert. You need to set the low
    level of the battery manually. Foe example, you can set 30%, and then it will
    alert you at 30% level.
    Energy Caution is the best battery indicator
    app for android, because it is brief, simple and easy. The most important is
    that it is very practical. The battery of your mobile phone will not thoroughly
    use up. You can make a call at any time.
    Energy Caution is worthy of downloading
    and having a try.
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    A Battery
    indicator, in fact, is a device which displays information about a battery.
    This will generally be a visual indication of the battery's state of charge. It
    is particularly important under the case of a battery electric vehicle.
    Some automobiles are fitted with a battery
    condition meter to monitor the state of battery. This meter is, essentially, a
    voltmeter but it can be marked with colored zones for easy visualization.
    Many newer cars don’t offer voltmeters
    or ammeters any more; instead, these vehicles usually have a light with the
    outline of an automotive battery on it. This can be somewhat misleading as it
    may be puzzled for an indicator of a bad battery when in reality it indicates a
    problem with the vehicle's charging system.
    A battery indicator is a feature of lots
    of electronic devices. In mobile phones, the battery indicator generally takes
    the form of a bar graph - the more bars that are displaying, the better the
    battery's state of charge.
    Computers can give a signal to users
    that an internal standby battery needs replacement. Portable computers using
    rechargeable batteries usually give the user some indication of the remaining
    operating time left on the battery. A Smart Battery System applies a controller
    integrated with an interchangeable battery pack to offer a more accurate
    indication of the state of battery charge.