An entirely new way to make a service job a “real Job”.

EPOS is a simple micro blogging social app connecting Epic Professional Outstanding Service with loyal patrons. It’s an easily used promotional tool for the service industry and a convenience app for loyal patrons. You can effortlessly post your schedule, set daily specials, make a self-profile, build an exclusive following and connect with other service professionals. Allowing the loyal patron to personalize and connect with the professional on a whole new level.

Features for Loyal Patrons:
-EPOS is your connection with the crazy scheduling world of the service industry.
-Be the first to find out the specials of the day without hearing from a friend that you missed out.
-Plan your week better with your favorite service industry peoples schedule at your fingertips.
-Get to know your favorite service provider on a better personal level.
-A new way for loyal patrons to make sure they have Epic, Professional, Outstanding, Service every time you feel like not doing it yourself.

Features for Service Professionals:
-EPOS is a great tool to promote yourself and let your regulars know when you have a day off
-Post your weekly or biweekly schedule to help your regulars conveniently know when they can stop in for a visit.
-Let your followers know specials of the day or upcoming changes.
-Keep your loyal patrons in tune with what is happening with your place off business or let them simply know your favorite color.
-Connect with your other favorite service providers and create a giant following of Epic, Professional, Outstanding, Service.

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