May 3rd - 10th is Shop Your Values Week! Discover hundreds of local stores and restaurants that are doing good for the environment, their employees and communities, searchable in our database by what matters to you. Gain access to special discounts and events celebrating sustainability and local businesses. These businesses are offering fun incentives from May 3-10 including discounts, awesome prix-fixe menus and sustainable freebies.

    Download the Shop Your Values Week app to find stores and restaurants that are eco-friendly, community oriented, support employees, source locally, minimize waste, are energy efficient, source ethically, support animal welfare and more in your New York neighborhood. Shop Your Values at these businesses and experience their fun incentives during the Week.

    About Us: We are a committed team of community organizations, local non-profits, business groups and social ventures supporting sustainability efforts in NYC. Led by ethikus, an East Village startup dedicated to connecting people with ethical and sustainable local businesses, our goal is to reward businesses doing good and ignite a movement towards sustainable consumption. When people align their purchases with their values, everyone wins, and we're here to help you do that!

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