Everybody Paddles



The “Everybody Paddles” Movement

As in families, communities, cities, states, and countries... growth, development and improvement occur when all participants work together for a common interest. Society is being divided by economics, education, classism, ageism, gender differences, religion, and partisan politics. Despite these challenges, I believe there is opportunity.

The opportunity requires that Everybody Paddle...
•Every person
•Every family
•Every community
•Every association
•Every institution
•Every city
•Every state
•Every subset of government.

In whitewater rafting, there is a raft (in our case a goal) filled with people (in our case interests) with paddles in hand journeying together from one end of a body of water to another. This journey will take this group of people from calm, safe, and comfortable waters (pre-economic crisis) through rough, unpredictable, and conflicting waters (economic and cultural crisis) toward the desired outcome (in our case an improved society).

In this raft, no matter the interests, alignments, and differences, everyone shares the desired outcome to get from, through, and towards a common interest. So: "Everybody Paddles - at the Same Time, in the Same Direction, towards the Same Goal." In all cases, that goal is the determined common interest.

You and I are best suited for this unifying opportunity because we understand - It Takes Everybody!

The “Everybody Paddles” Mission: Everybody is required for Everything

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