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The "Exotic Pets" app is the ideal app for everyone who has an interest in Exotic Pets. The app is jam-packed full of great information and helpful advice for a variety of different exotic pets.

Having an exotic pet is something that more and more people are doing these days, and for many - the more exotic - the better.

The "Exotic Pets" is broken down into several sections, each of which is beauifully presented and filled with great advice, suggestions and information.

The first section of the app is called "Exotic Pets" and in here you will find tons of useful information about a variety of exotic pets such as ...

** Alligators
** Bengal Cats
** Capuchine Monkeys
** Cheetahs
** Crocodiles
** Raccoons
** Skunks
** Snakes

... and many other wonderful and unusual exotic pets.

The second section of the app is an in-depth look at the responsibilies undertaken when having an exotic pet, and how they are totally different to a standard family pet such as a cat or dog. This section provides an excellent "Reality Check" and is well worth reading through before you go ahead and get yourself an exotic pet.

The third section of the app is called "Video Clips" and you will find a great selection of interesting and educational video clips featuring a range of topics such as ...

** Exotic Animals as Pets
** How to Care for Exotic Pets
** How to Adopt a squirrel
** Types of Exotic Pets

... and many other interesing and informative video clips.

The fourth and final section of the app is a beautiful photo gallery featuring a number of exotic pets in all their natural glory.

Whether you are a newcomer to the world of exotic pets or a seasoned pro - this app will be the ideal companion for you, and is a comprehensive guide to the world of exotic pets.

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