Face Mark



Smart phone should do smart thing.
Face Mark application will auto mark 77 points on your face photo via using ASM (Active Shape Model) technology.
You can re-fine the landmarks via a friendly easy control mark points interface.
Once you done the face control marked points, you can do multi-points face wrapping to make your face attractive or funny.
For example, to make your face fat or long, to make your eye big, to make your mouth small.
That means you can decorate your face in a much beautiful looking or funny looking whatever you want it.
In other words, you can do surgery on your face.

Main Features:
Auto detect face and landmark face with 77 points (outline, eyes, mouth, nose, eyebrow).
Support manually re-fine the landmarks.
Pick face photo from gallery or take a snapshot using camera.
Pre-defined 14 auto wrapping, just click button.
User can self define the wrapping parameters via easy controlled slider bar.

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