Shared calender, photo-sharing and group messaging for your family.

Fambit is a social organizer and photo sharing experience for private groups, especially for families. You can use it through this app, on the web at www.fambit.com and on mobile browsers at m.fambit.com.

With the Fambit app you share news, calendars, photos and feelings to the whole family on the move. The application shows you at one glance the most recent updates on the family. The app notifies you when there is a new update by another family member. Fambit keeps your closest ones near to you during busy working hours and when traveling.

Either use Facebook to login or create a separate Fambit username in http://www.fambit.com. Using Facebook login automatically connects with you those Facebook users who are listed as your spouse or children. You can use the existing phone contacts to invite more members to your Fambit family.

Share photos to your family on the move. Family members can view, comment and cheer them instantly on mobile or on the web. Sharing casual family photos is now easy, private and instant! This application includes a free version of Fambit Photoframe.

Photoframe shows the latest family photos as a slideshow. In addition to viewing the family photos on your phone, enhance the experience with setting up one Android tablet at your home and give another as a gift for the grandparents. You can download the separate ad-free Fambit Photoframe application for the tablets.

Take photos with Fambit App and they appear in seconds on the tablets of your family running the Fambit Photoframe app. Sharing photos within your extended family has never been easier or this much fun!

Everybody in the family can create and edit calendar events, with comment and attachments. On www.fambit.com you can import external digital calendars from the family members, like training schedules or music lessons to Fambit calendar.

All the main features of Fambit are free-of-charge. If you want to add text message reminders to the calendar events, you may choose to subscribe to the optional Texting package at www.fambit.com.

NOTE: We appreciate your feedback and improvement ideas at community.fambit.com We promise to read and reply to all of your comments.

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