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Free Meditation App - Includes audio guided Meditations, Meditation music, Meditation Video channel, blog feeds from the experts that are mostly updated daily plus much more.

Audio Meditations

Guided Meditation Technique
Guided beginners meditation
Om Mantra Meditation
Kundalini Meditation
Chakra's Activation Meditation
Meditation Podcast
Celeste Reiki Meditation
Inner Peace Meditation music
Meditations from Tibet
And much more...

This amazing app gives you hours of entertainment by constantly updated news, video, audio, wiki and blog feeds in "real-time" all at an instance notice right at your fingertips, don't spend hours searching the web when your have this powerful fan app installed.

No email sign-up needed or asked for to start using this app. Also there is no email list to join. No hassle and fast install.

***Note: Some playlists in this app are huge! and may take 5 - 10 seconds to load on a good G4/Wi-Fi connection

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