GIFTur.ego 2.0 NOW AVAILABLE! Completely rebuilt for speed and usability!

No longer is it necessary to carry around stacks of gift cards from your favorite retailers. GIFTur.ego gives you the freedom to store and send any gift, eGift, or mobile gift card right from your Android phone. Turn your phone into a mobile payment device.

Sure, you can choose one of those other apps from well-funded developers who launched much later than GIFTur.ego if you feel that you want your app makers to have large marketing budgets to pay to be featured on day time talk shows, or if you like having data about your purchasing habits sent to companies to spam you more than you already are. Who could blame you.

Alternatively, you can use GIFTur.ego to manage and share your gift cards for free; created by regular smartphone users just like you because it is a great and needed utility.

GIFTur.ego 2.0.0 has been completely rebuilt from the ground up with the Android SDK. It is fast, lightweight and easy to use. Graphical user interface is spicier, and barcodes and QR codes are stored locally on the device for fast retrieval at checkout. All card data is kept only on the phone, and encrypted passcode protection is available for additional security.

GIFTur.ego is free and ready to go out of the box, no registration or verification required.

Somehow scrounge together all of your plastic gift cards that are hidden away in your wallet, dresser, clothes, couch, purse, wherever, and load them into the app (scan their barcodes if available to save time). That is it; all your retail gift cards are now with you and your magical smart phone at all times.

Feel like re-gifting that "Socks n' Stuff" gift card that Nana gave you for your birthday? Simply long-click on the item in your card list, or pull up the options menu from the card view, click "Send/Share" and fire off a high resolution image of your card to your lucky recipient via text message, email or any other communications method available on your phone. The recipient will be able to use this card at the register right from their handset (be that an iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 or Android), or he can print out the email just like a gift certificate.

GIFTur.ego 2.0.0 is free and available today in the Android Market at or via

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