The Golden Media Group (GMG) is a member of the United Daily News Group. The GMG holds many large exhibitions, shows, and art activities every year.
The Economic Daily News (EDN) is the largest economic and financial newspaper in Taiwan. It is published by the editorial division of the GMG. In addition to newspaper publishing, the publisher of the EDN also holds many large economic & financial related seminars & speeches and publishes lots of best selling books in each year.
This App provides amounts of the latest activity and service information of the GMG. It includes:
‧Activity News:Providing the latest information about exhibitions, seminars, speeches, shows, etc and maps of these activities.
‧Sales Promotion: Including discount information, lotteries, free mobile desktop downloads, etc.
‧Economic and Financial News: Providing today’s most important economic and financial news.
‧Books Preview: Providing our best selling books previews and introductions of the authors.

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