Goals and Dreams - Bonetti

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    To be able to completely control the direction your dreams take is something that appears to be a fantasy in itself. Imagine for a moment being in a place of control, imagine exploring the deepest parts of your mind, imagine going to places thought to be outside of your reach, imagine being able to control your dreams.

    Within this hypnosis audio, international best-selling hypnotherapist Benjamin Bonetti will guide you into a deeply relaxed state in which your heightened alertness will allow you to discover and control your dreams' neuro-patterns. By following his tried and tested techniques, you'll easily enter this gateway to a different reality, awakening deeply relaxed with more direction and clarity of mind.

    Benjamin's remastered vocal tone has been proven to increase the susceptibility of your subconscious mind, allowing the hypnotic suggestions to re-programme your thinking patterns and increase the speed of which change happens. Benjamin's powerful hypnosis titles are among the world's leading self-development products, consistently within best-selling charts on iTunes, Audible, Amazon, and the Apps Store. Why not join the thousands of people who have increased their Wellbeing and taken back control of their habits, beliefs, and health issues?