Golden Retriever+



Loved to get a Golden Retriever ?
You want to make sure it's the right dog for you and your family?

Then I’m glad you’ve found this app, and suggest you download it today.

Learn about these wonderful dogs and how to care for your new or future friend.

Golden Retriever+ is filled with helpful information that will helps you decide if a Golden is the perfect dog for you. It has tips on how to keep your new friend healthy and happy. It’s packed with practical advices on feeding, housing, health maintenance, and medical care, video and photos.
Find tips from experienced owners:
• Where should you get your puppy Golden Retriever?
• Where do you take your pet for health problems?
• What special care will your dog require?
• Things to consider BEFORE getting one.
• Handling your puppy
• Housing and feeding
• Preparing your home for your new friend
• Plus much, much more

Download your Golden Retriever+ App today!

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