Gone with the Sound[Mosquito]

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    Frequency of male mosquito, mosquito species, age, and
    each is different.
    Mosquitoes, the type and status for the kick sound
    will have to pay.

    250-1 cheonhereujjeu mosquito sound frequency (Hz) are known to be somewhere between.
    The sound of male mosquitoes than females average about 150 ~ 200Hz is high.
    That is the flapping frequency of 450Hz so if you want chasing the female mosquitoes
    Frequency of 600Hz ~ 650Hz so you can create a sound that corresponds to

    This was created on the basis of the frequency domain.>

    - Usage
    Gone with the sound of a mosquito sikinhu run
    After selecting the frequency band at the top of the On button to press the corresponding
    Occurs when the frequency range of the sound, press the button after the home Exit.

    - Vacation / out when required

    - Indoor / home recommendations

    Please use the Thanks a lot!

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