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    Welcome to one of the best Kitchen Timers on the Market!

    Hey you! Cooking food such as eggs for breakfast is easy with exact timer information provided by this application. Become the master chef of your own dinner. Even if you are a vegetarian, you can find plenty of cooking time items to choose from. Perhaps, if your cooking rice for lunch and need to know how long you must wait during a pinch, this app can calculate that for you. The application includes many types of items with cooking time information to help with finding healthy eating ideas and possibly healthy recipe ideas.

    Roasting Veal? Like your beef ribs rare? This timer can be your best friend in the kitchen. Features custom presets a finger controlled timer dial, and recipe presents that are searchable by item. Run this timer in quiet mode or enjoy a little nostalgic clicking, just like the real thing.

    Cooking styles that the application supports is as follows: Broiling, Boiling, Baking, Stewing or Roasting.

    Cooking Meats

    Steak [1-1/2 inches thick] and Steak [1 inch thick] it's best broiled between 4 and 15 minutes. Cooking steaks is done best with dry heat, dry heat will allow the exterior of the the mean to brown and caramelize. Lamb should be Roasted 18 to 21 minutes per pound. Cooking time and temperature are extremely important for the cooking of lamb. Pork such as Bacon, generally broiled for around 7 minutes use medium to medium-low heat. Cook slowly, turning often, to render out the most fat and help reduce shrinkage.

    Sea Foods

    Fresh water fish like Salmon are considered to be the "king of fish", it is boiled 10 to 15 minutes per pound. Other Fresh water fish such as bass should be boiled for 10 minutes per pound, be careful for bones, this category of fish tend to be a bit bony. Swordfish is made for the grill is is always sold as steaks the meat is so firm and meaty. The texture also helps prevent the steaks from falling apart on the grill.


    Beans It's always best to let beans soak for at least 4 hours. When cooking bring the beans to a hard boil for 5 entire minutes, this little trick will hasten the cooking. Dried Beans are generally boiled 45 to 60 minutes per meal. Lentils, split peas and mung beans, which have a thinner skin do not require soaking, they are softer from the start. Potatoes are boiled for 20 to 30 minutes. Do not cool potatoes in cold water, unlike other vegetables this will make them go soggy. Stir-frying Vegetables such Asparagus, Broccoli, Snow Peas and Mushrooms are some of the best vegetables to stir fry. Stir-fry with canola oil to stand up to the high heat, once finished toss them into a more flavored oil such as olive or sesame oil. For sauteing Vegetables, cut fairly think pieces if you're in a hurry, chunks take longer to cook. To prepare vegetables, mince onions, slice bell peppers and dice tomatoes. Cut vegetables into bite-sized pieces so they cook through quickly. Your cook time depends on desired tenderness.

    Bread and Bakery Items

    Biscuits are baked for 12 to 15 minutes. When cooking biscuits keep the kitchen cool, if the dough seems to soft or warm, put it in the freezer for about 12 minutes. Layer Cake is baked for 20 to 30 minutes. Don't trust your oven thermometer, always have an old-fashioned one sitting in the middle shelf inside your oven. For Sponge Cake, always preheat your oven first and place the sponge cake in the middle shelf. Bake sponge cake for 45 to 60 minutes. When making pies, refrigerate or freeze unbaked crust for 15 to 30 minutes before adding filling. Use a dark or dull metal pie pan, these will absorb the heat better than shiny aluminum for a browner and crispier crust usually baked for 20 to 25 minutes.

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    This is the free version, a complete set of food listings and saved presets are available for .99 cents USD.

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    Chris Maris

    by Chris Maris

    Jan 02, 2015  |  "OK"

    Resets time half way through. Set it to five minutes, ticked away for three then reset to 15 minutes. Nice looking but impractical.

    Cole Gross

    by Cole Gross

    Aug 28, 2014  |  "Great"

    It was so fun

    monirul hasan

    by monirul hasan

    Jun 25, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    So good app.

    Tiffany Vameter

    by Tiffany Vameter

    Mar 24, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    Great app

    James Lawrence

    by James Lawrence

    Jun 17, 2013  |  "Awesome"

    This is a great timer!!!

    Rick Pelletier

    by Rick Pelletier

    Jan 17, 2013  |  "Awesome"

    This app is great for me, as I can hear the alarm over the TV, or keep my phone close so it doesn't wake up the baby.