Graci's World




    Graci's World is the updated version of the Graci's Story mobile Android app. This app is for families, parents, friends, uncles and aunts and anyone else that has someone in their life with Down Syndrome and for parents who know they are going to have a special needs child. Graci is our beautiful daughter and she has changed our lives beyond anything we ever thought possible. We would love to share her story with you and hopefully create a social network of sorts in the Down Syndrome community.

    We post the latest Down Syndrome news around the world on this app, along with myths and misconceptions, facts about DS, and ways to get involved in the Down Syndrome community. All of the blog entries and stories can be easily shared to your friends and families via Facebook or Twitter, or email all within the app itself! We also have included a great resource called "Chat Room", and you now can communicate with hundreds of other families all over the world!

    We also included a great opportunity for anyone that is looking for employment. We know from our experience that having a special needs child may require one or both parents to work from home. We have built a team within the Down Syndrome community that allows us to come together and make that much needed extra income, and stay healthy in the process. Check out the Join U$ tab if your interested.

    We thank you for your support, and we hope you enjoy the new app!