Gratitude – Angeles Arrien



For most of us, gratitude comes easily when things are going well. But putting it into practice when life throws you a curveball is another story. With the Gratitude app, cultural anthropologist and educator Angeles Arrien illuminates how to cultivate deep appreciation so that it becomes a way of life. Integrating social science research with stories, prayers, insights, and practices from cultures and traditions around the world, the Gratitude app offers time-tested wisdom to help you master the art of giving thanks every day, including:

- How to overcome habitual tendencies toward envy, comparison, and narcissism
- The top 10 practices for remaining grateful, including keeping a gratitude journal, “remembering the bad to appreciate the good,” and regularly writing notes and letters of thanks
- Naikan: the Japanese Buddhist practice of intensely meditating on your interconnections to develop a steady flow of gratitude in relationships
- Indigenous teachings about using daydreams and wishes to create a spirit of healing and blessing

Studies show that a daily gratitude practice can significantly change your life, improving sleep, overall energy, and emotional well-being. Let the Gratitude app soften your heart, and experience the profound gifts that come when we fully embrace thanksgiving.

The Gratitude app features:
- Cross-cultural lessons on cultivating gratitude, the essential practice for happiness and fulfillment (3 hours, 2 minutes of audio)
- A Good Minute—video selections that offer concentrated wisdom to inspire you anytime
- A relaxing slide show
- An interactive vine garden to enjoy while listening (iPad only)
- Bookmarking to help you easily find your favorite content

About the Author

Angeles Arrien is a cultural anthropologist and the award-winning author of Signs of Life, The Second Half of Life, and Living in Gratitude. She is president of the Foundation for Cross-Cultural Education and Research and leads workshops internationally about cultural anthropology and transpersonal psychology.