Gratitude Guided Meditation



★ What makes someone happy? ★ What makes you happy?

The field of Positive Psychology (the science of happiness) tries to answer this very question!

Based on latest scientific research in this field, GRATITUDE is one of the biggest qualities that contribute to your happiness!

When you listen to this meditation you will start feel a greater sense of gratitude and happiness. An appreciation on what you have and not what you don’t have and what you think you need. This will start to have a positive impact on your happiness.

Attracting gratitude and having an abundant positive life is possible now. By expressing more gratitude in life, you will see more love in your life and happiness.

Main feature:

** Experience this short and sharp meditation from a choice of male or female voices. You can also hear it in Spanish.

Other Features include:

• High quality state of the art recordings
• Inspirational quotes to give you that extra boost of happiness
• Easy navigation
• Meditation under 10min of audio designed to fit into most peoples busy lifestyle
• Tips on how to get the most out of meditation
• Choose from different background music to help ease the mood. The current music selections included are:
* Beach
* Soft
* Forest

This meditation is developed in conjunction with Olivia Petrovska. Olivia is a professional speaker, author and consultant in Positive Psychology. She has helped hundreds of people achieve higher levels of happiness through her workshops and seminars.

Olivia is also the co-founder of Flow Wellbeing, dedicated to introducing wellbeing and meditation programs to organisations, to help develop positive, resilient and engaged individuals.

Attracting gratitude and having an abundant positive life is possible now. Happiness is a choice that once you have more gratitude in life you will see more love in your life.

Download Guided Meditation Gratitude and get ready to start creating a life of happiness, fulfilment and success today!