Great Food from the Grill

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    If you are truly serious about mastering the art of the Grill, then this guide will spare you the embarrassment and headaches of learning from needless 'misteaks'.

    Inside you will find:

    ★Seasoning Your New Grill
    ★The Grill Master's Toolbox Inventory
    ★Meat Selection & Cooking Techniques
    ★Cooking Vegetables on the Grill
    ★Baked & Grilled Cajun Taters
    ★Baked Kansas City Burnt Ends & Beans
    ★Cry Baby Wings with Zing
    ★Dripping Roast Beef Sandwiches with Melted Provolone
    ★Fresh as Springtime Apple Salad
    ★Grilled, Stuffed Zucchini
    ★Hawaiian Colada Coolers
    ★Italian Sausage Wonton Nibblers
    ★Jerk-Style Fajita Fiesta
    ★Kolorful Kabobs
    ★Minty Ginger Ale Julep
    ★Nutty Chicken Salad
    ★Orange & Bourbon Chicken
    ★Party Mix Parmesan
    ★Pork Steaks Spicy Style
    ★Shredded BBQ Beef
    ★Spicy Italian Tailgater Sausage Sandwiches
    ★Summer Cool-down Salad
    ★Tailgate Mango Brats
    ★Warm & Creamy Mushroom Dip
    ★Yahooie Cole Slaw

    Its time to grill like a pro.