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*This application requires SDcard*
*Please read following instructions.

Guestbook, now available on Android smartphones.

Build Guestbook system with your Android smartphone.
It is more eco-friendly than paper guestbook.

You can use for
- School festival
- Party

Common features between PLUS version and Free version
(Free version will be published soon.)
- Saving guestbook
- export guestbook to .db file

Feature for PLUS version
- No ad
- export guestbook to .csv file
- Support signature


Register to guestbook
- Run application and fill the blanks.
- Touch 'Next'.
- Then signature.(You can clear the canvas by touch 'broom' button.)
- Touch 'Submit to finish register.

- Touch export button on main page of the application.

File loaction
- DB,CSV : (sdcard)/PLUSQUARE/VBp
- Signature : (sdcard)/PLUSQUARE/VBp/Signature

If you have questions, please visit or send email to

Special thanks to KyuHyuk Lee(

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