Hair Care - Long Hair Styling



This app contains some 90 video guides on long hair styling tips and tricks.

The first 30 lessons are included and the rest can be added as and when you wish to progress further.

Dorothy Braids into Chinese Bun
Easy Summer Hair Styles
Braided Stick Bun
French Braid Revisited
The Nifty braidhow to
Hawser Braid
The Figure 8 Infinity Bun
Quick Hair Trick Updo without any hair ties clips pins
Long hair - Padme Battle Bun
Hairdo How To-Pinup Tutorial
Super Fancy Up-Do Part 1
Super Fancy Up-Do Part 2
Side Bun - Apostolic Hairstyles
little girls lattice or corset hair tutorial
pinless braided bunn
Long hair UPDO Prom Wedding day by Toronto hair salon
Braided Sock Bun
Long hair - Dementias Dendrobium bun
Four Strand Braid Revisited
Vintage-y Up-Do
How to make Fancy Hair Pins
Fishtail Braid by Request
Double French Braids into One
Dutch Braid
DIY hair accessorys
Cinnamon basic bun on long hair
Braided Chinese Bun tutorial
Another Vintage-esque Up-Do
Tutoriel Chignon boucle variante
Tutoriel Chignon boucle
Tutoriel Infinity Bun
Nautilus Bun by Request
Victorian Hairstyle
Elizabethan Hair Taping
Long hair - My purple hair
Do-It-Yourself Fairytale Braid
French Twist for Long Hair Knee Length
Celtic Knot Bun Demo On Knee Length Hair
Private Video
Goddess Locks Hair Tutorial for Little Girls
Suger Spice Everything Nice
little girls hair tutorial submitted for BeautyChoicecom
Tutoriel Tresse 4 brins
Georgia at Sharon Blain long hair styling
Healthy NO HEAT way to curl your hair-Tutorial
Frisur Chinesischer Dutt
Tutoriel Chinese bun
How to Style Long Hair
Avas Valentine Hair
FaiziaJs Two-For
Up-do Alternative
Another up-do
LONG Apostolic hair updo
Wedding Day Hairstyles Three Ponytail Up-Do Hairstyle Wedding Hairstyles
Apostolic hairstyle-Curls and a bun
Half Up Infinity Bun
JJJs Pretzel Bun Demo-2005
Twisted Hair with twisted bun - Apostolic Hairstyles
By Request Ritas Up-Do
Tutoriel Chignon 8 ou 8bun
Pinup hair do in a hurry
How to make a chopstick bun
Zara at Sharon Blain long hair styling
How to CURL your hair with rags
Private Video
Cinnamon Bun with a Ketylo Fork
Cinnamon Bun with Ketylo Sticks
Cable Braid
Double Braid
Double Sided Bun
Classic Updo
Marti at Sharon Blain long hair styling
Bridal Style 1 Part One
Bridal Style 1 Part Two
Woven French Braid Ponytail Hairstyle
Cage Braid Hairstyle Curvy Cascading French Braided Veil
Chinese Bun and Variation
Instabraids-By ILoveGerardo
Rainy day hairstyle tutorial Thanksgiving hair idea
Easy updo hairstyle for long hair Braided flower bun tutorial for prom wedding party
Dutch Flower Braid Updos Cute Girls Hairstyles
French Paranda Braid
Cocoon Curls Easy No-Heat Curls Cute Girls Hairstyles
Interlaced braids
Nine Strand Dutch Braid
JJJs Folded Braid Bun 2010
JJJ Making A Chinese Bun with Chopsticks 2010
The Almost Crown Braid
Bad Hair Day Braid Version 2 Inspired by Charlize Theron

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