Application for Handong Univ.

1.Add the alarm function to bus schedule.

- You can use alram function by pressing the time position.
- Mark the bus stop using Google Map

2 Add a search function to HISNET Announcements(title, number)

3 Add event function
- notify the school's major events

4 Add convenience features (the left side of the pop-up)
- Add phonebook and credit calculations

5 Activate the function of Handong newspaper

6 Delete the late night / Overnight icon.

7 Settings, and convenience features, developers icons move to the left side of the pop-up

8 Add G.G function.

9 Changing the display format of timetable (daily basis)

10 Delete comments and evaluation of midnitght snacks icon.

11 Improvements diet, according to a new restaurant

12 HISNET ID, PASSWORD encryption

13 setting privacy policy.

14 Indicate school building information in the phone book

15 Design improvements

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