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“Happy Sleep,” deep sleep app for refreshed body and mind
You can hear sound for sleep inducement for improvement of sleep quality, pleasant sleep inducement for rest, improvement of concentration, elimination of stress, sound of mood change, and medication.

This program is optimized for iPhone4, 3G, and 3GS.

[Quick Guide]
1)Choose sound source from sound source selection screen
2)Set time to listen to sound source
3)Set alarm time
4)Deep sleep check (Automatic play of deep sleep inducing sound source when toss and turning begins)
5)Snore check (Snoring record function, sleep talking record function)
6)Alarm start button touch (All functions activated)
7)Go to bed with iPhone upside down on the corner of bed (Battery may become discharged, so make sure to connect to power source)

[Detailed Functions]
“Happy Sleep” consists of 4 menus. The following describes each menu.

1)Happy Sleep: Deep sleep inducement, concentration improvement, mood change, stress elimination, etc. – choose functional sound source to set time to listen to sound source.
2)Alarm: Set alarm time and check for tossing and turning during sleep, and set recording of snoring. Start button will activate alarm function.
3)Statistics: Sleep time can be observed for each day. For each day, time going to sleep, waking up, and total hour of sleep time and tossing and turning will be saved. Sleep status can be charted on a graph, and tossing and turning, snoring sound can be played. You will be able to check what happened the night before.
4)Setting: The following functions can be set through the setting menu: alarm sound, alarm repeat time, smart alarm function to wake up at the best condition using the iPhone sensor, data organization, set tossing and turning or snoring levels.

[Functional sound source list]
Sound sleep inducement 30 minutes
Sound sleep inducement (Binaural beat) 30 minutes
Sound of nature (Water, Bird) 30 minutes
Sound of waves (Binaural beat) 30 minutes
Improvement of concentration (Binaural beat) 15 minutes
Improvement of concentration (Classic) 15 minutes
Elimination of stress 15 minutes
Change of mood 15 minutes
Recovery and recharging 15 minutes
Sleep inducing medication 30 minutes
Daily growing meditation 15 minutes
Test anxiety elimination meditation 20 minutes
※ Sound development / supervision: Korea Psychological Training Laboratory

[Others] Happy Sleep – Sound Pillow
Osteophony speaker technology will allow sound to be transferred without earphones, so you will not bother the person next to you.

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