"Hide Yamamoto Japanese Restaurant - Singapore”

Nestled on the second floor of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino is the newest restaurant by renowned Chef Hide Yamamoto, one of the 2010 GlobalChef Award Recipients. In this multi-concept 128-seat restaurant, patrons can treat themselves to four completely different menus and experiences.
"HY California-Japanese food meets America’s ‘Sunshine Coast-"

Hide Yamamoto’s newest restaurant is Japanese at heart with a fun Californian twist. Inspired by America's "Sunshine Coast", HY California's fare is an evolution of sorts. Ever since the Japanese brought their homeland foods to California, it has since evolved and melded with a host of different cooking styles, creating a freestyle cuisine that is recreated right here at HY California.

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Hide Yamamoto Japanese Restaurant シンガポール

アメリカ大統領の晩餐会シェフと名だたる”山本秀正”が、マリーナベイサンズシンガポールのカジノ棟の2Fあるセレブリティーシェフレストランフロアーに初のJapanese Restaurantをオープンしました。


東洋西洋の枠を超えた山本秀正のクリエーションの中で、欧米での生活を経て帰国後、5年という時間の中で、再確認、再発見した日本の素材、調理法を、山本ならではのエッセンスで提案する新発想の日本食が『Hide Yamamoto』のコンセプトです。


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