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    The Highway Avenger allows you to Avenger yourself on or off the road. Rate drivers that are 'Too Slow' or 'Crazy Fast'. Comment on people's in ability to park, use their turn signal, and/or drive correctly. Look up your license plate to see what others think of your driving. See an up-to-date Wall of Comments on other drivers across the world! Or follow the comments live on Twitter (@HighwayAvenger).

    Highway Avenger lets you rate other drivers by speaking or typing in their license plate. Leave feedback on other peoples driving that they can see later. Be save click-and-hold to speak plates or comments!

    View a global wall of comments around the world.

    You can add in your information to get more statistics on yourself, as well as view global statistics.

    Work on obtaining badges based on your usage. View your Accolades, where you personal comment wall resides.

    Always remember, don't rate and drive:)

    Please send all bugs and/or feature requests to: highwayavenger (at) gmail (dot) com

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