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CCTV smart home using a webcam SmartKeeper-

Using a smart keeper, a new concept of the webcam as CCTV services
Smartphone anytime, anywhere, the web, Pc through the program
Webcam video can be monitored in real time.

** Key Features and Benefits **
1. Anytime, anywhere real-time monitoring.
2. E-mail when motion is detected, SMS will notify you.
3. Pc version will be a two-way voice conversations (phone)
4. CCTV capability at an affordable price can be expensive.
5. Year, month, day, hour, minutes, seconds and conveniently stored screen navigation

** How to Use Service **
1. Pc to connect to a webcam
2. Membership is SmartKeeper
3. For recording a program downloaded from the Internet to install
4. After installation, applications for smart phones to check real-time video
or from the website to check real-time video
5. Make real-time video.

** How to take advantage of **
1. As long journey biulttae house.
2. Sipeunbun manage multiple stores.
3. Sipeunbun your home to see my parents.
4. Reported in the house sipeunbun neutdungyi.
5. Sipeunbun dog in the house to see.
6. Lights, and check valves and sipeunbun Signora.

** FREE features **

- View real-time video once per day - (Under Construction)
- The motion detection to save the image Pc
- Sound alerts when motion is detected
- Automatic start when Windows starts, auto-login
- Enables the silent mode when Windows starts
- Agent Navigation in the motion record

** Pay feature **

- Free feature full.
Unlimited real-time video (Android, iPhone, Web, App)
- E-mail notification when motion is detected
- SMS alerts when motion is detected
- Save the server when motion is detected (Pc stolen utilization)

High burden on the security vendor posting service?
At a reasonable price through a smart keeper of the security services and experience a high.

For more information, see http://www.SmartKeeper.co.kr.

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