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A daily horoscope on your mobile

  • Comprehensive predictions
  • Easy to oversee
  • Includes ads that can be a little intrusive
  • Very simple design

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"If you believe in the stars, here's an app that will give you fresh predictions based on your sign"


If you're someone who believes in the guidance of star signs, here's an app that will suit you just fine. With this app you'll be able to access all the predictions in relation to your sign and those of your family. It includes a lot of information about the current state of affairs and the luck you may or may not run into in the immediate future. Unfortunately, the app is very simple, barely scraping beyond rudimentary in terms of its features. It may entertain you for a while, and keep you more or less up to date with what's going on in the sky.


It's useful if you believe in the power of star signs, or even if not and you want to entertain yourself a short while. You can configure your star sign and sex to receive more specific predictions, and you'll be able to view predictions over three days (the day before, the same day, and the following day), with percentages relating to your well-being, intellect, love, emotions, intuition, creativity, work, and money. It also includes lucky numbers for the lottery and the names of noteworthy individuals born that day.


The app is extremely simple. If you're fussy when it comes to design, you won't be convinced by this app. It comes with publicity which can sometimes be too invasive, but considering it's an app designed for frequent use, the ads are more than bearable.

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by Cecília

May 26, 2015

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